I’m proud of being white. It’s not racist!



  • Black people can be proud of their colour.
  • Asian people can be proud of their colour.
  • Latino people can be proud of their colour.

So, please explain how it would be racist for me to be proud of mine?

There’s this whole trend on Tumblr I’m seeing at the moment where White people are called racist if they are out spoken about being happy to be white.
I posted something about white pride a few months back and got some hate in my ask… At the end of the day, racism is hating someone or trying to repress someone’s identity and it hurt so much for someone to say I was being racist just for being proud of my race; If you ask any of my friends I think they’ll all agree that I am one of the most open minded people they know… 

I guess I just want to say this

  • Most people aren’t racist.
  • Just because I am proud of being white, doesn’t mean I’m not proud of other people’s races.
  • I love everyone regardless of race.
  • This hasn’t been a racist post.
  • You are being racist if you tell me I can’t be proud of being white. 

So yeah, I am proud of being White but I’m not racist in saying that.

It’s more of a case of…I don’t know how to put this really.  But, our society caters so much to people who are white and “white culture” that it almost seems unnecessary to say you’re proud of being white.  In that sense, society itself is racist.  Often times, it ignores people of colors, their needs, and issues that are important to them, in favor of subjects that appeal more to a white audience.  This in turn, influences people to be racist, without even realizing it.  Many people who claim to love people of all races, say racist things.  These things aren’t necessarily full of hatred and condemnation, just misunderstandings and assumptions that reduce an individual to only their skin color.

Being proud of being black/brown/yellow/whatever is somewhat of a survival mechanism in such a society, and thus, it’s a little offensive to claim you’re proud of being white.  It’s kind of like rubbing my face in it, y’know?  Because it takes a lot for me to be proud of my skin color in this society, whereas it’s not so much of a struggle for you.  I don’t know what compels you to need to claim pride in your whiteness.  I don’t know if you’ve faced some sort of discrimination that makes you more aware of your skin, the way society has made me more aware of my skin.  So maybe at this point you’re offended that I’m saying society favors your skin color, but please don’t be.  Just think for a moment about television, and how many people with white skin there are on television.  How many shows have a truly diverse cast, and not just one or two token characters?  On the shows you watch, is the topic of racism a reoccurring theme, or is it saved for one episode, and then never presented as an issue again?

With that in mind, I have a question to ask.  How can you, as a white person that society caters to, say so confidently that most people aren’t racist?  If we live in a society that inherently views the needs and interests of white people as more important, wouldn’t it make sense to say that you wouldn’t know the extent of racism in this country?  Shouldn’t I, as a colored person, be the one to define how many people are and are not racist, given my experiences?

I’m not telling you you’re racist or this post was racist, but I do think you’re not understanding the other side of the story: why others may be angered by you claiming white pride and why they might even believe it’s racist.  Part of it, I think, is that you’re using a more general definition of racism.   But, for more on what I consider a more exact definition of racism, you can check out this link.

There is a lot wrong with that original post….

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    Being white isn’t something to be ashamed of—it’s natural and the way you were born—but to say “white pride” could imply...
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