That is racist. Equating Native Americans to nature…

Actually no. I don’t think that when I think native Americans are close to nature. Not all of them are really the ones that protect the old ways I would view that way.

Honestly, you seem to view animals as less than human. I don’t. So please don’t assume that being close to nature is an insult. I think of all life equally. I also don’t think someone assuming all people who say one thing are all thinking the sane thing needs to examine so of their own prejudices.

^^^ Agreed. The original argument is extremely speciest and offensive.  If I call anyone (regardless of race or ethnicity) “close to nature” you may view that as an extreme complement. I do not view many Native Americans any “closer” to nature today than someone of English descent. Even so, there is NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING wrong with being “close to nature” or “like an animal.”  You, like me, ARE an animal and if you think that offensive, again, examine your own prejudices, please.

Okay. I think folks can agree on some things. Structurally white-human-centric culture sees its members (white people) as superior to indigenous people just as structurally white-human-centric culture sees its members as superior to nature and nonhuman animals. The issue isn’t how much you, as an individual, like animals and therefore don’t take it as an insult. The issue is the intent, the way it stands within that culture, and the history of that categorization as inferior. If you wouldn’t be insulted, good for you! If you don’t have to worry about racism against indigenous people, lucky! It’s not as much what the insult is, as the fact that an insult is being hurled.

For example, when my siblings and I were kids, we would make up mean names to call each other, that often weren’t even real words. On the one hand, someone else could come in and say we shouldn’t be mad at each other if the names we were calling each other didn’t mean anything; on the other hand, they did mean something, because we intended to hurt each other’s feelings. It didn’t matter what words we were using.

White supremacy will make up infinite ways to put people of color down. Many times it is by comparing people of color to people or beings that they are not. If I don’t want to be called a mudbaby, does that mean I don’t like mud? If I don’t like being portrayed as hypersexual because I am a black woman, does that mean I’m anti-sex? If I don’t want to be called a fox by someone who thinks I’m cute, does that mean I hate foxes? No! In all these cases, I don’t want to be characterized as something I’m not, based on my race or gender or whatever. It’s not the word itself, but the meaning behind it.

Further, these are really parts of the same system. White supremacy intends to dominate people of color as well as land and animals. Do a tiny bit of research and it’s incredibly clear. Look at early colonialism, look at indigenous resistance fights, look at what’s happening to indigenous people in the Amazon and Chiapas and the Niger Delta, look at where the US mines uranium and who’s poisoned by it, look at who lives on toxic land in cities, look at who lives in areas of cities with high asthma rates, look who cheap meat-based food is marketed towards. I mean, seriously, I don’t like telling people that they’re being simple-minded, but jeeeez.

White people came to the americas and Africa, called us savages and work horses and beasts and roaches and dogs. It is ridiculous to tell us that we should allow ourselves to be called that. When a white person compares people like me to cockroaches, they are showing respect for neither me nor the cockroach; it is not then wrong of me to call them on it. Maybe I personally like roaches; that doesn’t make it okay for a white person to call us that, even if I myself am not insulted.

Again, when white human culture tries to dominate both people of color and nature by linking them and insulting them alongside each other, we are not further insulting nature by refusing to be insulted so. And we absolutely do not need other people telling us how to respond.

In conclusion: since when was it in any ways decent for white people to tell people of color how to respond to racism, and to skew our refusal to be dominated in order to have some way to chime in on it? I’m (not) sorry when white people feel left out of conversations on how we deal with white supremacy. Cause this shit’s racist.

Oh, it makes me really sad when white people feel left out, because I’m speaking to them. It’s those people up there who are the people that need to read and take to heart what we’re all saying. They’re the ones who go around saying this shit (obviously).

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