Rafiki's Cove: Dear people who hate "white-people dreads"... 




Dreadlocks are originally a Celtic thing, especially the “neglect method” as the Scots are lazy when they’re not fighting. People in Africa generally do not even have hair… It seems to me that “black dreads” are a new thing, and they came from Jamaica. And aesthetically speaking, I prefer…


I wasn’t aware that people in Africa generally didn’t have hair. I was also under the impression that the people in Africa were not a monolith. Silly me.

And so we’ve gone from denigrating and hating “African” hair to denying it even exists. Also, LOL at their name including “rafiki”.

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    Okay but straight hair naturally exists within MORE THAN WHITE PEOPLE. Fuck give that argument a rest, is my mother...
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    I would also like to point out that Viking is NOT A FUCKING ETHNIC GROUP. Good gods, you’re so damned ignorant.
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    What about if you go to a real African-American hair place and get them done by African-Americans? Yes, I’m white but I...
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    This was really informative. I feel like I’ve learned a bit.