To the vast majority of the aboriginal youth, of today…



Your ancestors, the one you’re damn proud of, certainly wouldn’t have fought for your rights that you enjoy today, if they could only see what you have become. 

I see you at the local shopping centre, scabbing cigarettes, begging for change, and starting shenanigans, but I am affraid to say anything because if I where to say something, it would be racist. I would be then punished, as you seem fit (which is often violence) and left for dead in the gutter, just like your ancestors once proud history. 

Now, you have so much given to you, you wouldn’t believe the amount of jealousy I poses. Cheaper housing; in decent middle class areas, greater opportunities in obtaining a job/traineeships/apprenticeships, scholarships for Non Straight A students to gain entry into rather prestigious universities, and all you do is waste it away for your cheap thrills. 

Now, as a student who works for my keep, and pays taxes I am rather shocked to see that you can sit there ripping your cones, sniffing your peterol, and bumming around, as if it doesn’t affect me.

Well it does, hopefully your centrelink payments get cut, and you see what it is like, to work for minimum wage, to not “live it up” to actually suppourt yourself. 

End rant

Not this shit again. Thanks for stereotyping me and my people.

I’m not Canadian Australian, but this is the same racist bullshit that I see thrown at us here too. We are not these stereotypes. I’m sick of seeing working class (and all) whites blame Natives for higher taxes or bad neighborhoods or whatever else they claim. We pay taxes too, as do those Natives in Canada. We pay for our educations the same way you do. We as a group face the same substance-abuse problems that you do. (You wouldn’t have phrased it that way, would you have?) We have the same money problems you do, with or without meager payments from the government. My working relatives who get commodities are in the same shit boat as my non-working relatives who get commodities. Quit disguising your racism and hatred of Natives as concern that we don’t “act properly” with our mythical government hand-outs.

Quit using us as your scapegoats.

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    OMG, the nerve of some people and that patronizing tone is just killing me.