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If any one is online and wants to include their voice please do so.  Its not out of hand, but I can read the “this person is just whining” between the lines. 

The Feature on RunsWiththeTribe

She sent me this image as a response LOLOLOOLO


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Undocumented youth and Dreamers! This is for you!




There are community townhalls taking place across the entire country where you can speak to lawyers and activists who helped bring about the new change in immigration policy.

Be ware of lawyers and immigration agents who want to charge money for help: there is nothing to be done until August when DHS will release directions and applications for work permits and deferred action.We in the activist community are working tirelessly across the country to bring you accurate and up to date information.

Get the right info straight from the source and to plug in to a Dream Act org near you. To find a townhall in your community, please go here.


Austin, TEXAS just had its FIRST FORUM and over 400 people showed up!!

It has been an amazing experience helping the Latino community get informed (and really hard since I don’t speak a lick of Spanish).

To all my followers: go out and do something for your communities.

Haaay, same here in Charlotte! 

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Unarmed black kid just got shot by the police in my neighborhood.





I’ll keep you updated. I’ve been displaced for about two hours.

sorry to bring a race question into this but why did you have to say he was black

oh my god shut the fuck up

a child just died what the fuck is your problem

I swear white people somehow try to make a tragedy about themselves.

If anyone had even a thought similar to prettyfacebasketcase’s, please refrain from letting anyone know. Keep that to yourself, you dipshit.

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Self proclaimed “trans racial” people, is your obsession with the pop culture of your trans-country just coincidental?

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No iPads Or iPhones For You, Apple Store Clerk Tells Iranians 

Sahar Sabet of Alpharetta, Ga., says that when she was in an Apple store at the local North Pointe Mall last week to buy an iPad and an iPhone, she and her uncle were overheard by a clerk.

The sales rep asked what language they were speaking and where they were from. When they said they were speaking Farsi and originally from Iran, Sabet tells Atlanta’s WSB-TV, the clerk’s response was a shock:

"I can’t sell this to you."

Though 19-year-old Sabet is a U.S. citizen, the clerk cited Apple’s “export compliance” policy, which says in part that:

"The U.S. holds complete embargoes against Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

"The exportation, reexportation, sale or supply, directly or indirectly, from the United States, or by a U.S. person wherever located, of any Apple goods, software, technology (including technical data), or services to any of these countries is strictly prohibited without prior authorization by the U.S. Government. This prohibition also applies to any Apple owned subsidiary or any subsidiary employee worldwide."

WSB-TV sent a reporter back to the store, and “obtained iPhone video of the same employee repeating the policy.” It also heard from another Iranian-American that he too had been turned away at an Apple store in Georgia.

Sabet, the station adds, later got an apology from an Apple customer relations representative and was told that she could buy the iPad online. Still, the Council on American-Islamic Relations has “called on Apple to change its policy following reports of Farsi-speaking customers being denied service.”

We, like several other news outlets, have asked Apple to comment on all this. So far, we haven’t found any response from the company. We’ll report back if it does comment. WSB-TV says Apple declined to respond to its requests, but did point to the corporate policy.

Update at 2:55 p.m. ET. No Comment, Apple Says:

Apple spokesman Steve Dowling just returned our call. He said the company is not commenting on the record about this case.

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I should have been born on Antarctica, I’m so coldhearted.

You know, you could have just been born in a freezer in America.


As bad as weeaboos are, they aren’t even what got me mad enough to make a passive aggressive post on tumblr, hahaha.

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strongbow287 said: Your tumble name is by far the sickest one there is.

Thanks! People keep reading it as custard died for your sins, and I don’t even know how.

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So the RunWithTheTribe feature and comment thread has officially become a shit show.  I held my ground, but when met with “Maybe the ‘other’ native shops you are talking about simply are not good enough to be featured? :)” it’s time to leave the “conversation”.  It’s clear the shop owner or the commentor Lena do not mind being ignorant vultures. 

If anyone else wants to keep going you can click through the shop name above.

Everyone go gawk at the fuckfaces on etsy.

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 Nobuko Otowa
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The media lies.



  • They keep referring to Michael Laney as a “suspect,” when it reality, the only thing suspect about him is that he was riding a red scooter.
  • They’re simultaneously saying Michael Laney had his hands behind his back and that he was reaching for an officer’s gun (or his gun), which is physically impossible if your hands are behind your back.
  • Notice how all the media reports say that the officers thought Laney was reaching for a gun, but no one has mentioned whether or not he actually had a gun. You know why? Because he didn’t fucking have a gun. If he had one, that shit would be in the goddamn headline. 
  • Most of the media is conveniently leaving out the whole part where after the cop shot Michael, the other cop yelled to him “What have you done?” They fucking knew right then they had used excessive force.
  • The media is bringing up Michael’s felony record for one reason: so that the police officers can be justified in murdering him.
  • The goddamn piece of shit police chief had the nerve to say “these officers feared for their lives.” Fuck you. Michael was running to his mother’s house. He feared for his life. You did not fear for your fucking life when you had him handcuffed, when you shot an unarmed, handcuffed man in the head. 
  • Then, he had the nerve to say “the alternative is we could be talking about two dead cops right now.” This… this is what they think about us. The police chief of the Charlotte Mecklenberg Police Department has literally said “Yeah, a black man’s dead, but it’s way better than the alternative: a white cop being dead.”

God fucking damnit.

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I have four siblings: two brothers and two sisters. One brother and one sister are white passing: light hair and light eyes. They are viewed as white by white people. My other brother and other sister are not: dark hair and eyes, darker skin not perceived as “just a tan”. They are both viewed as Brown by white people. They get asked where they’re from nearly everyday. They are subject to racism for being mistaken as other races (being viewed as Mexican in the south is not fun) and then more racism when they correct people.

Just seeing the vast differences in the treatment of my siblings by white people gives me so little patience for white-passing Natives when they talk about or embellish stories of experienced racism and are listened to before non-white passing Natives. I know there are always exceptions (though too many claim this), but seriously, come on.

I have to listen to my brother tell me how he got called a stalker by a white girl when he went for an evening jog because he dared jog on the same busy street as her, how a cop car followed him until he came home. I watch white people treat him like he’s stupid or doesn’t speak English because he’s not white. I watch as “benevolent” racists and people who want an exotic Native boyfriend grab his long hair. I watch him and one of my sisters get treated like shit on a daily basis.

But the experience my other two siblings have is completely different. They’ve never had a potential employer give them a confused up and down look while repeating their name multiple times. They’ve never been accused of being creepy or stalkers or potential criminals literally for just existing in the same space as white people.

I know our experiences aren’t a funded experiment or study with institutional support and backing, but they’re real. And our experiences clearly show the difference in treatment when you’re visibly Brown from when you’re white-passing.

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We’re sort of trained into this early in school, but I’ve got to say saying this is just a white thing is a bit :/ Years of living overseas has shown me that while Americans might be obnoxious with this we’re not ALONE in it.

I live in the US where most white people have to pick a favorite country and obsess over how they studied abroad there one semester. Right now on my facebook I’m looking at some girl talk about how living in Spain for five weeks changed her life and how she’s going to open up a tapas bar.

Of course it’s not always only white people, but I usually only see white people do this and always with the argument that they want to experience someone else’s culture because they don’t have one of their own.

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"We shouldn’t be writing about our traditions, we shouldn’t be writing about our spiritual practices. Not in the ways in which some people are doing it. Certainly, if you’re writing a poem or story about a spiritual experience you had, you can do it. But you also have to be aware that it’s going to be taken and used in ways, that you never intended for it to be. I think it’s dangerous, and that’s really why I write about day-to-day life."

Sherman Alexie

Forced to consider an unwanted audience and censor in the face of it. Appropriation of Native peoples’ spiritual practices does real harm.

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This is why I don’t talk about certain things I do, and it makes me super uncomfortable that some people will freely talk about it on such a public form.

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It’s sad that I’ve seen this shit play out even (or maybe especially) on tumblr.

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Why do white people always have to adopt a country to be obsessed with?

No matter how much you talk about Spain/France/Morocco/Chile/Denmark/Costa Rica/Japan, I’m not going to buy into your “Omg, I should have been born in ______, I’m so ______ at heart” bullshit.

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